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It can now be legally Super Sunday at church too

February 22, 2008

It appears the NFL running a reverse on it’s earlier stance against churches hosting Super Bowl parties where congregations project the game on large screens or on walls.

From the Washington Post:

In a letter to Sen. Orrin G. Hatch (R-Utah), NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said the league would not object to “live showings — regardless of screen size — of the Super Bowl” by religious organizations.

In response to questions from Hatch, Goodell said in the letter, dated Feb. 19, the NFL will implement the policy starting with next year’s Super Bowl.

Thankfully, sometimes common sense wins out. Who’s hosting the party next year?

Did you break the law on Super Sunday?

February 5, 2008

Sorry this is late, but when a friend told me about this, I struggled to believe it at first and wanted to do some checking. Apparently the NFL may be out to get your church.

Congregations that showed the Super Bowl on a screen larger than 55 inches are in violation of copyright law, the NFL argues. In fact, if you have a television bigger than 55 inches and invited people over to watch the game, you are a law breaker, according to the league.

So congregations who are showing the Super Bowl on large screens in their sanctuary or projecting the game on the wall and inviting people to watch are breaking the law. The league doesn’t care if you’re charging or not. They don’t care if it’s being used as an outreach tool.

Talk about shooting themselves in the foot. I’d think the league would want everyone they could get to watch the game. The more people who care about the game, the more jerseys and NFL gear they can sell.

So what do you think? Did you break the law this Sunday? And if your a church staff person, what does the league’s stance mean about next year? Will you host a Super Bowl party?

Baylor to hire Briles as football coach

November 28, 2007

According to the Dallas Morning News, Baylor will announce this afternoon that Art Briles will be its next head football coach.  Here’s some info on his background from the story:

Briles was an immensely successful high school coach at Stephenville during the 1990s. The program was a Class 4A powerhouse, winning back-to-back state titles in 1998 and ’99. The 1998 team racked up 8,650 total yards, which was a national record at the time.

In six years at Stephenville, Briles was 91-11-1.

When Texas Tech hired Mike Leach, he needed someone with knowledge of Texas high schools. That person was Briles, who became the Red Raiders’ running backs coach in 2000.

Briles stayed in Lubbock only three seasons. While he was a solid recruiter, Briles was somewhat marginalized as Leach installed his own pass-oriented system. That prompted Briles to search for a head coaching job, and he landed back at his alma mater, Houston, prior to the 2003 season.

The Cougars started off 5-1 in 2003 and went to their first bowl game in seven years. UH was only one of seven Bowl Subdivision teams to score 40 points in at least seven games that year.

UH dropped back to 3-8 in 2004 but managed to go 6-6 the following year. Led by quarterback Kevin Kolb, the Cougars still had the No. 1 offense in Conference USA in 2005.

Houston enjoyed a breakthrough season in 2006 by going 10-4 and winning the C-USA championship. The team ranked 10th nationally in scoring (33.0).

One of the program’s marquee wins that year was a 34-25 win over Oklahoma State. UH suffered a disappointing 14-13 loss at Miami the following week.

So Baylor alums, is Briles the guy to lead us back to being competitive? Some onlookers speculated Briles wouldn’t even being willing to accept a position at Baylor.

Baylor lets go of Morriss

November 19, 2007

Well, a while back I posted about HPU getting a new coach. It looks like Baylor will as well. Eventually. According to the AP, the school let go head football coach Guy Morriss on Sunday. Morriss had some nice moments at Baylor, though his overall record may not show it. Last year’s team showed some promise until the quarterback was knocked out for the year.

Among those who are being mentioned as the next coach is Mike Singletary, the Baylor alum and Hall of Fame linebacker who is currently on the staff of the San Francisco 49ers. Singletary was interviewed for the head football coach spot when the school hired Morriss, and his resume is stronger now. Of course many Baylor alums love the idea of the firey Singletary building the program back up.

Me? I’d just love to see them go to a bowl game. I don’t care which one, where it is or against who. I’d be there. What do you think, can Singletary get us there?