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Gary Cook ‘healed’

March 25, 2008

In an update today on DBU’s web site, President Gary Cook announced he is in remission. I know many around the state have expressed concern about his well being. He appears to be heading the right direction.

From the site:

I have wonderful news.  God has healed me.  The 1 million cell genetic study has been completed and I have no cancer cells.  I am in remission!  I will just need to take pills now for the next year and a half.  Ninety percent of the individuals who have had my particular kind of Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML) and go into remission never have a reoccurrence.

Something to be thankful for

November 21, 2007

DBU President Gary Cook continues improving. Yesterday he participated in the school’s 3 mile Turkey Trot. It was the first time he had to walk instead of run of the course. What a great time of celebration that must have been.