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ENGAGE evangelism conferences

January 13, 2010


This spring is filled with regional opportunities for church staff and layman to recieve inspiration and training in evangelism through Engage, the Texas Baptists evangelism conference that will be held in more than 15 locations.  Conference dates and locations are listed below and will take place during the next four months.

One statewide meeting, Radical Engage, will be held at First Baptist Church in Grapevine on Jan. 24-26 to focus on evangelism in the postmodern age. Rico Tice, British author of “Christianity Explored;” Mike Licona with the North American Mission Board and James Langford with student ministries and evangelism at the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma will be leading sessions and discussions about sharing the gospel with postmoderns.

The Justin Cofield Band will lead worship and much time will be devoted to coffeeshop/roundtable discussions so that those who attend can discuss messages brought in the general sessions as well as trends, issues and methods of evangelism in the mostmodern world.

Registration is not required and the events are free of charge. To find out more about location-specific speakers, topics, locations and more, visit



Fort Worth Jan 14, 2010  
Amarillo Jan 15-16, 2010  
El Paso Jan 29-30, 2010  
Georgetown Feb 10, 2010  
Abilene Feb 16, 2010  
Southeast Texas Feb 17, 2010  
Lubbock Feb 19-20, 2010  
San Antonio (HEC)   Feb 25-27, 2010  
San Antonio Mar 5-7, 2010  
Midland-Odessa Mar 5-6, 2010  
Victoria Mar 22, 2010  
Dallas Metro Apr 16-17, 2010  
Longview Mar 1, 2010  
Radical Engage Jan 24-26, 2010 FBC Grapevine

Glimpse of San Antonio Engage XP

February 15, 2008

For those who could not be at the San Antonio event, here’s a video glimpse of what took place. Ferrell shot the video and Rex edited it, putting it to the music of David Crowder. Enjoy.

San Antonio Engage XP

February 13, 2008

Engage XP at First Baptist Church in Universal City wrapped up tonight around 8:30 or 9:00. Photos from throughout the day can be seen on Flickr by clicking here. The event went out with a bang.

I’m estimating 500 people attended the night’s worship service (when I get the official number, I’ll post it). Jon Randles preached about the importance of letting Christ fill your life and transform it. There was an almost palpable building of momentum as Randles spoke. Something was happening.

And then it broke. Randles issued an invitation, which included a call for people to make first-time professions of faith, rededications to Christ and dedications to evangelism. A spattering of hands went up of people declaring Christ as Lord for the first time. Then more hands went up for people indicating they want to rededicate their lives to Christ.

Finally, Jon asked people who made decisions or wanted to pray at the altar to come forward. Before he was finished, people were coming. Randles was one of the first people praying at the altar. Soon he was joined by a host of others. First one, then two, five, 10, 20, 30. Counselors were praying with people. Friends embraced. Tears poured down some faces. Grown men were on their faces praying for the lost people in their respective communities. People pledged to share their faith more often.

God changed lives tonight. And it was awesome.

Engage XP update

February 12, 2008

This morning I heard on the radio that a man recently rolled over 1 million miles on his Silverado truck. For a moment, I wondered if it was Jon Randles, who is driving through the night from Engage XP to Engage XP. For those who might be keeping track, that would be 1,394 miles in 5 days.

So far, two XPs have taken place. About 150 people came to the event in El Paso on Sunday. About 250 people turned out last night in Belton. Randles indicated he’s hearing some good feedback from the people who came. They seem to appreciate the format and the training.

About 60 people from Crestview Baptist Church in Georgetown came to the XP in Belton. Most of those people are involved in an intentional weekly effort to share their faith in the community. Pastor Dan Wooldridge said the XP helped give them a bigger vision for evangelism and encouraged them to share their faith.

The pastor said the seminars and preaching fostered discussion among staff members about evangelism. The teaching affirmed what Crestview is doing, but also brought some new ideas forward.

“We took advantage of it. It certainly stimulated us.”

Please pray for the XPs. May God use these events to bring revival to the state.

I’m still engaged; you need to be at ENGAGE

January 11, 2008

Someone asked me if I have a calendar in my office with each day from now to the 31st counted off and big X’s marking out each day that passes. No, I don’t.  I do have a list of people I am calling, staff members I am visiting with, projects I hope I can leave closer to completion, Executive Board matters I am trying to provide ideas and input that will be helpful.

One brother thought that with accrued vacation I might have already left the office.  I have tried to use my vacation every year because it is important not only for my family and me that I take vacation, but I have always thought it made me a  better pastor and executive director if I would use the vacation time provided.  I recommend it to all of you.

My father loved to tell the story about the pastor who finally was able to schedule a vacation only to have a dear member say to him, “I can’t understand how you can take a vacation with all that needs to be done around here.  You know, the Devil never takes a vacation.”   To which the pastor responded, “Yes, and that’s why he’s so mean!”

So we took the last two weeks of December for family and vacation time and had an amazing time with our children, brothers and sisters, and extended family:   36 at one party; 20 for our immediate family; and 56 at the last party!  We were grateful some friends had a New Year’s party and invited us to their house!

Texas Baptists are going to have a “gospel party” this Sunday evening through Tuesday.  It’s called ENGAGE: EVANGELIZING TEXAS CONFERENCE  and the party will be held at Lake Pointe in Rockwall. 

Some really good moments are in store for all of you who can be there.  Jon Randles has put together a remarkable program…it will inspire, encourage, and reignite in our hearts that we can be personally involved in doing intentional evangelism and we can help our churches reach more people than ever before. 

I have grown to love Jon.  He spoke to our staff at our monthly prayer meeting last week and I long for you to hear him.  This conference will bless you and those from your church who can be there.  And I predict it will have lasting impact on you because you will not only be inspired but you will gather some creative ideas that you can work with your people to implement as you reach out to your community and hug people up close to Jesus.  More information is on our website.