This is a blog for Texas Baptists and those interested in God’s kingdom work being done through the Baptist General Convention of Texas. The BGCT is a fellowship of more than 2.3 million people and 5,700 churches primarily in Texas.

We hope these posts and the comments will give a little glimpse of what God is doing through Texas Baptists as they are on mission for Christ throughout the state and around the world. It all starts with our churches, and the impact of God’s wonderful love reaches out to others.

These will be pages to inform and to encourage Texas Baptists, but we also welcome those who are not part of the BGCT to join in the conversation. There is a long-standing tradition that no Baptist speaks for another Baptist. Views that are expressed on this blog do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the BGCT leadership or other Texas Baptists.

Jesus is the reason for all that the BGCT does. We believe that God sent His son into the world that through Him all might come into a glorious relationship with their Creator and Redeemer

For more about the BGCT, visit our website.

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  1. Huatare Says:

    I finally decided to give for Haiti’s disaster. I pray that you send aid to those devastated by Haiti’s disaster as well.

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