BGCT blog url change


Many of you are used to using or something extremely similar to come to this space. Others of you simply use an RSS feed for this site. No matter who you read the posts in this space, we appreciate your time.

You’ve probably been thinking this space has become ignored. And you’re right. As the last post indicated, the BGCT blog has changed. It can now be found by going to The new RSS feed for the blog can be found at

We hope you’ll check it out as others already have.

3 Responses to “BGCT blog url change”

  1. John Says:

    One other note. If you’re looking for a place where you can comment on Texas Baptist news, you can now do that on the BGCT website, There’s a place to comment after every story. Basically we use the same rules for commenting there as we have here.

  2. jone Says:

    ok , nice 🙂

  3. getanybus Says:

    We, at Major Vehicle Exchange like the new layout!
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