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BGCT blog url change

November 30, 2010

Many of you are used to using or something extremely similar to come to this space. Others of you simply use an RSS feed for this site. No matter who you read the posts in this space, we appreciate your time.

You’ve probably been thinking this space has become ignored. And you’re right. As the last post indicated, the BGCT blog has changed. It can now be found by going to The new RSS feed for the blog can be found at

We hope you’ll check it out as others already have.

Fellowship Hall – taking a look at our world again

November 15, 2010

We pass people each day. And each day we miss seeing their faces, hearing their stories, knowing their need for God.

Often we are focused on the ups and down of our journey, not noticing the people around us and where they are at in life – if they too are hurting, celebrating, confused or lonely. We walk down the halls of our own life, our own jobs, our own activities never opening a door or a window to let others in to join us, to walk with us.

We have good intentions in our lives, and we love Jesus. We may be kind to people, saying a nice “hello, how are you?” when going through the grocery store or coffee shop. But as Christ followers, we aren’t called just to be good or nice.

We are called to be something more. We are charged to live out the light, the hope, the peace that Christ has poured into our lives so that it will overflow onto others, pointing them back to Christ. And deep down inside, aren’t you ready to be part of something bigger than yourself, to be more than you are right now?

We are called to let the Holy Spirit lead us in the way He wants us to go and to the people he wants us to walk with, being intentional to love them sacrificially and unconditionally as an example of His love.

It’s about being part of our community. It’s about living life engaged with people who don’t know Christ, striving to understand their background and the culture they are in so that we will know the best way to connect them to the hope of Christ.

This idea of connecting, community and reaching out to those we overlook daily is what the Fellowship Hall is all about. Join the conversation with Texas Baptists as we discuss ways to open our homes, hearts and lives to people we over look. Through Twitter, Facebook, blogs, YouTube, other social media avenues and a new monthly e-newsletter called Opening Doors, we’ll take a look at the faces that pass us each day and see who the Lord leads us to walk beside in His name.

Each month, we will open another door to see how God is working and where He’d like us to join Him in ministering to overlooked people groups in the state. We will explore who the people are, where they live, what life is like for them, ways to get involved and ways to help existing ministries already reaching out to these groups.

This isn’t about starting another program or event, but about being a community, a network that is exploring and conversing about what it means to be a Christ follower, seeking to do and say and live out the call God has placed on us to make disciples of him wherever we are. Let the Fellowship Hall be your portal to taking another look at your world, seeing what mission field is knocking on your doorstep.

Visit to connect with Texas Baptists social media and to sign up for the monthly Opening Doors e-newsletter. To directly access the new Texas Baptists’ blog, visit