Thankful for the moments when words don’t come


I write words. I tell stories. That’s what I do. But sometimes I’m privileged to hear and see things that leave incapable of adequately communicating.

Have you ever had a moment like that? Recently, I have had several in the past few weeks.

They are awesome.

Thank God for the way He works. And thank God for people are willing to follow Him where He calls.

5 Responses to “Thankful for the moments when words don’t come”

  1. David Troublefield Says:

    Speechless–about more BGCT staff lay-offs. “Lord, please keep us focused on Your Great Commandment and Your Great Commissions–for all the right reasons.”

    May the Lord bless the former and present BGCT staffers.

  2. John Says:

    David, this post isn’t about the lay offs. It was simply a personal reflection about some things I’d seen recently while visiting churches.

    But thank you for the prayers. They’re always appreciated. The lay-offs are clearly affecting people’s lives right now.

  3. David Troublefield Says:


    I know. And, I know.

    Keep up the good work there. Use words if necessary (as someone said/wrote long ago)!

    David :- }

  4. David Troublefield Says:

    On a different, interesting note–for which I am at a loss for words: During the fiscal year of its most-recently posted Form 990, Buckner Children and Family Services (not to mention other Buckner divisions) concluded the year with profits of almost one-half million dollars—but salaries/benefits paid to its top ten executive-level employees exceeding $2.3 million (average: $230,000 each).

    More interesting: While Buckner solicits money/manpower/in-kind donations across the entire State of Texas, its adoption service office currently staffs so few employees that that office is unable to serve those same geographic regions. And, its advertisements/solicitations do not indicate that a full 5% of all donations are paid directly to executive-level employees—who apparently really are not able to manage the organization in such a way that it serves the State from which its donations come. The adoption services office is unlikely ever to staff enough employees to provide the assistance Buckner indicates it can.


    David Troublefield
    Minister of Education/Missions
    Lamar Baptist Church
    Wichita Falls, TX

  5. David Troublefield Says:


    1. I am open to additional/new information in order to update/correct this posting also.

    2. I became aware of circumstances mentioned above due to a family-related matter.

    3. I became concerned about the circumstances mentioned due to apparent discrepancies between the marketed image/fund-raising practices/total assets/annual revenue of Buckner International/Etc. as understood by Texas Baptists and the reported inability of Buckner’s Dallas Children & Family Services office to assist a WF family with its ministry need.

    4. See previous posting above for the concerns mentioned.

    5. I reported my concerns to Buckner International president Dr. Albert Reyes; I stated that a resolution of discrepancies by Buckner International resulting in solutions available for one WF area family should be the same solutions available to all other families in the region.

    6. Dr. Reyes responded readily and in very commendable fashion.

    7. Update/correction now:

    A. True: In 2008, as few as 29 Buckner International/Etc. executives/key employees shared between them at least $6.71 million in salary/other (2008 Form 990: salary range $53,940-$476,614; other range $54-$128,774 [average salary per executive $195,327; average salary/other each $231,381; averaged 45 hours each per week service]). But: Dr. Reyes reports executive salaries/other were paid, not from services charged to/fees collected from clients, but from endowment funds (Buckner International 2008 year-end net assets $169 million; 2008 Form 990 investment income $463,228).

    B. True: Buckner International/Etc. solicits/accepts donations from across Texas/BGCT. But: Dr. Reyes reports Buckner International does not purport to provide assistance to residents of each county in Texas (i.e., Buckner International is licensed to provide Children & Family Services assistance in only 85 of 254 Texas counties [33% of all counties]; five Texas offices based regionally provide assistance to State residents in an average of 17 surrounding counties [Lufkin office: 6 counties; Dallas office: 8 counties; Beaumont and Longview offices: each 11 counties; Lubbock office: 57 counties]).

    C. True: Residents (Baptist or otherwise) of the WF area are not served directly in their region by Buckner’s Children & Family Services offices. But: Dr. Reyes reports WF residents able to travel there will be offered services on a limited basis by the staff of the Dallas Children & Family Services office.

    D. True: Buckner’s Dallas Children & Family Services office is understaffed, at least potentially. But: Dr. Reyes reports sufficient resources/resource people will be available in/to the Dallas Children & Family Services office to assist WF area residents requesting it.

    My thanks to Dr. Reyes and his staff for their assistance with clarification of and corrections resulting from my concerns shared. I also advise a review of Buckner International’s executive-level salaries if paying them results in understaffing at other levels of the organization/s and an inability to minister to Texas families in ways most relevant to them. I express great appreciation to the Buckner staff members that the average Texas Baptist is most likely to encounter. I advise Texas Baptists to read thoroughly promotional/fund-raising literature even of well-known Baptist ministries, and to give support which is both prayerfully and thoughtfully.

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