A reminder about our comment policy


It pains me to do this, especially after this space has been stagnant for a bit, but it seems I need to reiterate our comment policy, which applies to all Texas Baptist social media channels. In each of these places, we attempt to keep discussion as open as possible in an environment where everyone can express themselves freely.

But we’re not willing to do that by sacrificing certain principles. Comments left in an accusatory tone will not be tolerated. Comments left that personally attack another person — on the convention’s staff or not — also will not be tolerated. Spamming any of the social media avenues with comments also will not be permitted.

Disagreement with anything we write is fair and allowed. At times, I’d say we’ve even encouraged it. Disagreement with the convention is allowed. Open, honest questions are great, even if they’re tough questions. We attempt to answer every question as quickly as possible or at least connect the questioner to the person with the information the questioner is seeking.

Thanks for visiting this site, browsing around and getting involved in the conversation. Let’s keep it a conversation the glorifies God.

2 Responses to “A reminder about our comment policy”

  1. Ken Coffee Says:

    How will these unseemly comments be dealt with? Will they simply be deleted or will there be some way for others to know a comment was made but deemed unseemly? Will the comment stream indicate that a comment was made but deemed unfit for publication?

    • John Says:

      Ken, essentially on this blog we will continue doing what we’ve been doing — edit as little as possible and indicate an edit has been made. Other online avenues don’t give us that flexibility, leaving us with a choice of leave the comment or delete it. That makes the choice more difficult because we want to leave as much possible from each of you.

      I hope this helps.

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