Memory or imagination?


This morning during the African American Fellowship gathering, Michael Bell made this observation during his sermon:

“Some ministers do ministry out of memory and stop doing ministry out of imagination.”

Where are you today? Are you doing what you’ve always done out of routine or are you allowing God to birth something new through you? How do you reconnect with God and allow Him to empower you?

3 Responses to “Memory or imagination?”

  1. spiritualsamurai Says:

    Isn’t this the same Michael Bell who ruled out-of-order a motion from the floor at the 2006 annual meeting by arguing that the BGCT Executive Board held sole authority over the matter in question. Bell claimed that Executive Board action had “preempted action by the convention”. And you still want to quote him? It took an amendment to undo what he did to Texas Baptist denominational life?

  2. David Troublefield Says:

    But, still, the quote’s a good one—right on target and descriptive, it seems, of many Texas Baptist ministers (senior pastors, I mean—not any ministers of education or missions in the state ;- } ).

    Moving forward together now . . .

  3. Robert Cheatheam Says:

    Montoya just couldn’t resist it!!!

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