TBM activated in preparation for Tropical Storm Alex


Texas Baptist Men’s state feeding unit will leave the organization’s headquarters June 29 and head toward South Texas where it will be ready to provide as many as 20,000 meals a day to 22 shelters in the wake of Tropical Storm Alex.

The storm, which is rotating in the Gulf of Mexico, is forecast to make landfall along the Rio Grande Valley and northern Mexico coast on Thursday morning. On Monday morning, the storm sustained 60 mph winds and forecasters say it could strengthen. Officials fear possible flooding from the storm.

“Texas Baptist Men is prepared to respond to tropical storm Alex in any form or shape it may take,” said Gary Smith, TBM’s volunteer disaster relief coordinator.

To support TBM’s ministry, visit www.texasbaptistmen.org or send a check designated “disaster relief” to 5351 Catron, Dallas 75227.

2 Responses to “TBM activated in preparation for Tropical Storm Alex”

  1. Alison Walker Says:

    I was wondering if you knew of any TBM volunteers from Kaufman County are among the group traveling to South Texas to respond to Tropical Storm Alex

  2. John Says:

    Allison, let me make some calls, find out and drop you an e-mail.

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