The world of social media


During the last few weeks, the Texas Baptists communications department has been talking about ways to better connect with Texas Baptists. Because of the day and age we are in, naturally social media was brought into the conversation. We’ve been using several outlets like Twitter, Facebook, blogs, You Tube and Flickr for a while now, but we realize we could be using these in a better way to help, encourage and connect Texas Baptists.

This is where we need your input. Let us know how we can better serve you through these outlets.

  • How would you like Texas Baptists to connect with you through Facebook and Twitter?
  • What types of videos do you want to see on our You Tube channel?
  • What topics do you want addressed through the Texas Baptists blog?
  • Are there other types of social media that you would like to see us adopt?
  • This is your chance to share your opinion and ideas. We are listening and want to make improvements that will help Texas Baptists be better encouraged, better equipped and better prepared to reach the state with the hope of Christ.

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    4 Responses to “The world of social media”

    1. Ken Coffee Says:

      Be careful what you do on social media. Remember, the purpose for these is social, not promotional. Also, if you start something and then do not carry through, you do nothing but cause confidence to wane. For instance, this blog started out with a bang. Lots of content, regular posts, etc. Lately, however, it has been neglected. New posts are too few and too far between. Don’t start something else that is going to end up being neglected.

    2. Tim Dahl Says:

      Seriously, if you want to learn how to use social media in a positive manner, and not be blocked by everyone who ever signs up to receive your input… Then I have some required reading for you!

      Read these two guys, search for everything they say about using social media, and learn. If you only use social media as a promotional tool; you’ll be missing the point. You need to give as well as take…and usually that means giving 10 times for every one time that you ask for something. If people fell like you’re spamming them, it’s easy to block you.


      • kaitlinchapman Says:


        Thanks for sharing your social media wisdom. I’m glad to see you suggested Chris Brogan. I’ve been reading up on some of his books and blogs, and it’s nice to know that you think he is a good information source. I’ll also check out Michael Hyatt and see what I can learn from him.

        I appreciate you taking the time to post a few of your thoughts on social media.


    3. kaitlinchapman Says:


      Thank you so much for your suggestions and advice. You are right in saying that we need to be careful about what social media we choose to participate in, deciding to only take on projects we can fully support.

      We have been neglecting the blog a little in order to step back and evaluate how we can better connect with Texas Baptists and decide what direction we need to take. Thank you for continuing to follow us during this time and for offering suggestions about ways we can stay engaged with others.

      Kaitlin Chapman

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