Youth and enthusiasm are never a waste


By John Hall

An old adage says youth is wasted on the young.

After biking roughly two hours today with a group of Howard Payne students, I couldn’t disagree more. They are young and energetic. They care about others and want to help in any way they can. When an opportunity is presented to do so, they jump at it like they did today.

BSM Director Katy Blackshear shared with the students an opportunity to raise awareness of the hunger needs in Texas, and they eagerly took her up on the chance to remind others of the plight of hurting Texans. At noon, eight students joined us to ride during Bike Out Hunger. They talked about wanting to serve others, following Christ’s example of reaching out to the least of these and offering hope for now and eternity. They literally were a rolling reminder to the Brownwood community that people around them do not know where they will find their next meal.

I think the world needs more of that – more people who are willing to follow Christ no matter what that looks like, whether it be on a bike, in a Bible study, starting a church, serving as a missionary or inviting a neighbor to church. To me, that’s not a waste at all but something we should cherish and aspire to.

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