But why?


By John Hall

Tomorrow, a group of bicycle riders – pastors and laypeople – will begin a 6-day trip from Ballinger to San Antonio through Hamilton, Waco, Belton and Georgetown in an effort to raise money for hungry people as well as awareness that hunger is an issue in our home state.

Several people have asked, why are you doing a bike ride? The simplest answer might be, why not?

I can’t answer for everyone on this ride, only myself.

Last fall, I was faced with what one person called a “crisis of conscience” as Peruvian orphans were standing before me, around me and in my arms. Before support from the Texas Baptist Offering for World Hunger, these smiling children had no access to clean water and were severely undernourished. Without the help of Texas Baptists, they were lacking basics that most of take for granted.

Sadly, there are many children in need worldwide just like these orphans. And there are children in need of food here in the state that I love to call home.

Faced by the need, I had a choice – do something or forget I ever saw it.

Participating in Bike Out Hunger is my way of doing something. I can’t solve world hunger. But I can ride a bike a bit – each day of this trip likely will be the longest trip I’ve ever completed. And maybe riding that bike can help raise some money for children in need. Maybe someone else can discover there are children worldwide like I did and want to help them.

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