Hope springs eternal in Bogota


The stories of congregations’ involvement in Texas Hope 2010 continue to come in. First Baptist Church in Bogota went door-to-door to every home in the city, visiting with people, taking prayer requests and offering people Bibles.

The day before Easter, the church had a festival with free food, games for children, activities for adults, live music and opportunities for people to share prayer requests and receive Bibles.

The outreach already is producing fruit. On Easter, the congregation had several families come visit as a result of the church’s effort to share the gospel.

The church’s youth minister, Tim Martin, had this to say about the effort:

“On Easter Sunday, we had a packed house,” Martin said. “We had I’d say five or six families who came as a direct result of what we did on Saturday.”

The guests’ appearance encouraged the congregation and helped members see the kingdom impact their efforts were having, Martin said.

“When we saw these faces … we were so excited they were giving us a chance,” he said. “They wanted to see if our church was everything we said it was in the weeks before. We saw that we weren’t just spinning our wheels, we were actually having an impact.”

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