Prayer request


David Troublefield, a frequent visitor of this blog and minister of education at Lamar Baptist Church in Wichita Falls, left this comment the other day. It would seem to be something we can all pray for. May the church’s mission trip — and all other Spring Break mission trips — go well this week.

Off to Boston with 16 others from Lamar Baptist Church-Wichita Falls tomorrow to assist church planter Vivek Arora this week as he and his team launch All Nations Church there on March 21. Texas Baptists have funded a part of our trip costs, providing dollars via the BGCT’s Texas Partnerships section (Steve Seaberry, Director). Our group would appreciate your prayers for safe travel and for evangelistic opportunities. May the Lord get much glory!

David Troublefield
Minister of Education/Missions
Lamar Baptist Church
Wichita Falls, TX


5 Responses to “Prayer request”

  1. David Troublefield Says:


    Thanks for posting my note as a blog entry. An update: our team has prayer-walked Harvard and Boston University’s campuses, and distributed evangelistic material and invitations to join All Nations Church. We hung door-hangers containing similar information in the Brighton area, where All Nations Church initially will be located. On Monday, we received orientation about Boston and church-starting here; we were told that the work can be slow and difficult–and that is our experience this week. We travel home starting today, but encourage folks to continue to pray for the church-planters and evangelical congregations here (several church-planters are from Texas).

    Again, our thanks to Texas Baptists for helping to fund our travel here. Permit me to encourage your church to connect with Steve Seaberry and his Texas Partnerships office–Steve can help you connect for similar mission trips/projects with church-starters in the U.S. and other countries.

  2. Sylvia P McGuire Says:

    Please pray for my daughter Sara. She was fed with a feeding tube for 3 months and she did not eat hardly anything by mouth. For the last 15 days we have not used the tube and she is learning to eat and drink by herself. Please pray that she will eat and drink enough to sustain life and grow and develop as a healthy child. She is one year old.

  3. keijo Says:

    Pray for my the fight against false doctrine here ,who will not confess Jesus blood in salvation,thanks for helping ,bless,keijo sweden

  4. Nadine Senga Says:

    I have a prayer request. I made a mistake togegher with 2 other persons Erik and Ailana.
    But their attitude would be to let me carry all the responsability, which is unjust
    Those persons, one particularly, have the bad habits of abusing of its authority.
    My request is that nobody accepts hearing their version of the story only envolving my responsibilty.
    That any person hearing their version of the story will understand their deny of its responsibility and reprehend this attitude.

    Thank you.

    God bless you.


  5. Debbie Says:

    restoration for my family and marriage Lift Tyson and Debbie marriage up and rebuke divorce. Strong prayers for my children during all of this.. Tyson and his family are trying to turn my children against me. Please strong prayer to turn this situation around and give us all strength and peace

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