Super Summer Reunion to be April 10 at DBU


DALLAS – Every year after Super Summer, the Texas Baptists youth leadership training experience held during five sessions each summer, students and leaders comment they want an event during the school year that would tie them back to the lessons they learned and the friends they made during the summer. On April 10, they will get their wish.

For the first time, Texas Baptists youth evangelism, in conjunction with Dallas Baptist University, will host Super Summer Reunion, an afternoon packed with worship, reconnecting with friends and a preview of what’s to come this year.

“We have a desire for the students to be inspired and reminded about what all God did in their lives last summer and a desire to allow them to rekindle the relationships they had during the summer,” said Leighton Flowers, Texas Baptists director of youth evangelism. “And we desire to help them prepare for this coming summer.”

The event will be held at Dallas Baptist University on April 10 from 11:30 a.m.-6 p.m. This schedule was created to give students and youth leaders a chance to reconnect or for others to experience Super Summer for the first time within a reasonable amount of time and in a cost effective way, Flowers said.

Though the event will last only a few hours, students will experience some of the Super Summer goals of giving students an opportunity to participate in focused teaching and a disciplined schedule challenging them and equipping them to become the best disciple they can be.

Each summer, Christian students who have complete 8th through 12th grade and have potential leadership abilities are eligible to participate in one of the five Super Summer sessions held at Baptist universities around the state. But because the reunion is to serve as a preview, any student or adult is welcome to come to the event to see what Super Summer is about.

“Often youth workers and parents can’t take a week off of work to come to Super Summer, but this will let them spend one day to see what this is all about,” Teat said.

The reunion will feature the Jeff Johnson and the Skit Guys as well as Billy Beacham, Jon Randles and Lance Shumake. Because DBU is hosting the event, entry fees are only $10 per person. With every five paying students, one youth leader will be allowed to enter the reunion free of charge. During breaks, DBU will be giving campus tours to share with students all the amenities, degrees and opportunities offered by the university.

Though Super Summer was created to train Christian students to be the best leaders and disciples they can be, the reunion will offer an additional focus. Before the event ends, an evangelistic emphasis and decision time will be given.

“At Super Summer, we don’t usually have lost students there because we are training believers,” Teat said. “At Super Summer Reunion, we are hoping for something a little different and for our leaders to bring some lost students.”

Above all, Teat sees the event as a way for everyone to be encouraged in their relationship with Christ.

“Come and enjoy the Lord for the day and the encouragement, camaraderie and friendship developed through the years of coming to Super Summer,” Teat said.

Flowers agrees, and also encourages anyone interested in learning more about Super Summer to come to the reunion.

 “If there is anyone who just doesn’t know what Super Summer is about, I know they will be inspired and encouraged, and it is a good way to see what Super Summer is all about,” Flowers said.

For more information about the event or to register for the reunion, visit

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