Married to 5 women in one lifetime


Yes, this kinda grabbed my attention when it came to my inbox through an Ethics Daily subscription.

Here’s the beginning of the article by Sam Davidson:

“Once I realized I would be married to at least five different women in my lifetime, it was a lot easier to get married.

You may think my wife would cringe when reading this statement, but by my count, I’ve already been married to two different women since Lynnette and I tied the knot in 2004. And she’s been married to a handful, too.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’ll always be married to Lynnette. But who Lynnette is will change – and should change – over the course of our life together. This is why, when thinking hard about whether or not she was the one for me, I felt confident knowing she’d be someone who would grow and change as I grew and changed.”

Read the entire article.

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