Amarillo church gives $63,100 to Texas Baptist Men for relief work


AMARILLO – Paramount Baptist Church gave $63,100 to Texas Baptist Men for disaster relief work following the Jan. 12 earthquake in Haiti.

The congregation sent its full offering to Texas Baptist Men despite running $140,000 behind its annual budget.

Pastor Gil Lain said the congregation has been going through a sermon series about living passionately. “Part of living passionately is doing something drastic.” The congregation decided to take drastic action to make a difference in the lives of Haitians.

The congregation, roughly half of which is trained to serve with Texas Baptist Men disaster relief, gave to the men’s organization because it knew the money would help those who are hurting, Lain said. TBM is seeking to send 5,000 water filters to Haiti. Each filter will provide clean water for a family of four.

“Even though times are tough, people still have giving hearts,” Lain said. “They want to take of people. I think that’s a picture of Christianity.”

TBM Executive Director Leo Smith said Paramount Baptist Church’s generosity was an answer to prayer. TBM needed $63,000 to pay for the 5,000 filters before the congregation’s gift.

“God met the financial need for water filters for Haiti through the faith and obedience of Paramount Baptist Church in Amarillo that gave TBM their entire Saturday evening and Sunday Morning offering amounting to $63,000,” Smith said.

Gifts to Texas Baptist Men can be made directly to the group at or by sending a check designated disaster relief to 5351 Catron, Dallas, 75227.

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