All either have been here or are there now, spiritually speaking of course


Rico Tice shared this story this morning during Radical Engage. It’s a beautiful illustration.

One day recently, a family asked to meet Rico for lunch at a rather nice dinner club. He arrives to the club where he discovers he’s a bit early and starts to wait in the atrium of the club. While he waiting, he notices there is another guy standing in the atrium with him, apparently also waiting on his party. The young gentleman and Rico trade glances and at one point the young man may have even gestured for Rico to come over. But Rico continued waiting. About five minutes later, the young man’s party arrived, and he went to eat.

Shortly after, Rico was informed that he spent five minutes in an atrium with Prince William. Rico simply didn’t recognize him.

Spiritually speaking, Rico said many people are in the same place. Christ is placed before them and they do not recognize it. Royalty is before them, but they do not know. At one point, each of us had to recognize Him for the first time.


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