Sharing hope in the darkness


Around the globe, 27 million are victims of human trafficking. They are tricked and pushed into situations in which they have no control over. They are forced to do things they would rather not do.

Their humanity is stripped away from them. Often at a young age.

But this isn’t simply a global problem. This is something that is taking place in our own backyards. Texas is one of the primary ways people are trafficked into the United States. They are being moved along our highways. They are living near us. They simply are hidden by the darkness.

So what can we do to end something so tragic as modern day slavery? Would you consider becoming a Citizen of Purpose?

  • Become aware of indications that someone has been trafficked.
  • Help others understand those indicators.
  • Raise awareness in your congregation and your community about human trafficking.
  • Look for ways to plug into groups fighting modern day slavery.
  • Pray. Pray. Pray.

For more information about human trafficking and becoming a citizen of purpose, visit Or call Tomi Grover at 888-244-9400. Find a way to spread hope in the darkness.

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