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Dillon flooded with Haitian adoption inquiries

January 29, 2010

In the last couple weeks of relief efforts in Haiti, Dillon, Buckner’s international adoption affiliate, has received more than 882 online pre-screening forms from families interested in beginning the process to adopt Haitian orphans.

Haiti currently has a moratorium on new adoptions so that authorities can help displaced parents and children become reconnected, and Dillon sees this period lasting more than a year.

During this time, Buckner and Dillion continue to offer help through sending monetary support and medical aid to Hope Hospital and Hope Village where many of the orphans and families affected by the earthquake are being treated and assisted.

For more information on Dillon’s adoption efforts in Haiti and how you can become adoptive parents or help Haitian orphans, click here.

Haiti relief efforts by Hardin-Simmons University

January 29, 2010

ABILENE – Steve Rosscoe, professor of geology, and Michelle Dose, professor of chemistry, are rallying Hardin-Simmons students, faculty and staff to gather medical supplies for Project C.U.R.E. (Commission on Urgent Relief & Equipment), an organization that gathers donated medical supplies and equipment and then provides these items to needy people in more than 120 countries.

Currently, Project C.U.R.E. is gathering supplies that will be sent to medical facilities in Haiti. The professors are encouraging students to gather supplies such as bandages, hygiene kits, baby items and pain medication and place them in donation boxes around the campus.  These items will then be shipped to the Houston Project C.U.R.E. distribution site to be packaged and taken to Haiti. For a complete list of needs, visit

For more information on HSU relief efforts, contact Steve Rosscoe at or Michelle Dose at

HPU students shun showers to boost Haiti relief

January 26, 2010

By Marisa Bernens, senior, Howard Payne University
BROWNWOOD — Two freshmen girls at Howard Payne University did not shower for six days in mid-January. It was not because they were lazy, but rather it was specifically to raise money for a relief effort for Haiti after hearing about the aftereffects of the 7.0 earthquake that hit on Jan. 12.
On Saturday morning, Jan. 16, HPU freshmen Darrah Blackwater and Caidon George were watching the news coverage on Haiti when they had an idea.
“We had not showered yet and we were watching news about Haiti and brainstorming about what we could do to help,” Blackwater said. “We thought that our worlds are a little brighter after we shower, so we researched and found out about KLENZ towels.”
KLENZ towels are 2’x4’ wet towels that provide the benefit of a shower when water is not available. According to the KLENZ website, “The KLENZ XXL Shower in a Towel was conceived and designed by a U.S. military serviceman who, while on a tour of duty, realized the need for a pre-moistened towel that was large enough, and durable enough, to provide a full-body cleaning.”
The two planned on raising $2,000 for the towels which cost $2 each and, for as long as it took, the girls would not take showers in a stand of empathy for the Haitians.
“Not showering is something tangible that we could do to help, along with inspiring others to give to the cause,” Blackwater said in the midst of their project.
“Both of us wanted to do something for Haiti, so we got posters and our friend Jeremy Glover created a Facebook group for us,” George said, “Everything came together very smoothly.”
The plan the two students had was to ask for donations from those who passed in front of Howard Payne’s cafeteria. They named their effort “Hygiene for Haitians.”
On Sunday, Jan. 17, they set up a table and began collecting donations. That same evening, George went back to her church in her hometown of Glen Rose where word of the project she and Blackwater had created was already spreading.
Through word of mouth and their efforts outside the cafeteria at Howard Payne, the two students had raised $231 on the first day and had recruited a group of additional students who also decided not to shower. By the second day, Monday, they had raised $545.45 and at the end of day three they had raised what Blackwater thought was an extraordinary amount.
“$777.77,” she said, “It’s a God thing, obviously. Thanks to all for money and continued support for H4H,” Blackwater wrote in a message Tuesday evening to the Hygiene for Haitians Facebook group.
The students had reached $1,000 on Wednesday, which was half of their goal. Thursday they had raised approximately another $500 setting their total at $1,584.14. Soon after on Friday evening, six days after they had first had the idea to help the Haitians, the two girls celebrated with showers of reaching their goal with $2,032.18.
With the money the girls collected, they were able to send money to Operation Assist Haiti, a campaign launched by Rozlaw, LLC  that would purchase 1,000 KLENZ towels for Haitians in need.
Although the two HPU students met their personal goal, they did not plan on stopping there. KLENZ had their own goal of sending one million towels to Haiti by Feb. 5 and George and Blackwater wanted to help in this effort.
“Yes, we accomplished our goal, but Haiti still needs our prayers and support,” George wrote, “We are still accepting donations through the H4H fundraiser.”
Although it may have been difficult for two young students, and girls at that, to not shower for an entire six days, they were determined to reach their goal, even it meant being a little dirty.

Haiti: The latest

January 26, 2010

Things are changing regarding disaster relief in Haiti at least every day and more realistically every couple hours. Here’s Randel giving where we generally stand now. If you’d like a high-quality version of this video to use in your church, click here, then right-click on the mp4 link and save as.

I’ll try to keep you posted as I know of new developments.

Amarillo church gives $63,100 to Texas Baptist Men for relief work

January 26, 2010

AMARILLO – Paramount Baptist Church gave $63,100 to Texas Baptist Men for disaster relief work following the Jan. 12 earthquake in Haiti.

The congregation sent its full offering to Texas Baptist Men despite running $140,000 behind its annual budget.

Pastor Gil Lain said the congregation has been going through a sermon series about living passionately. “Part of living passionately is doing something drastic.” The congregation decided to take drastic action to make a difference in the lives of Haitians.

The congregation, roughly half of which is trained to serve with Texas Baptist Men disaster relief, gave to the men’s organization because it knew the money would help those who are hurting, Lain said. TBM is seeking to send 5,000 water filters to Haiti. Each filter will provide clean water for a family of four.

“Even though times are tough, people still have giving hearts,” Lain said. “They want to take of people. I think that’s a picture of Christianity.”

TBM Executive Director Leo Smith said Paramount Baptist Church’s generosity was an answer to prayer. TBM needed $63,000 to pay for the 5,000 filters before the congregation’s gift.

“God met the financial need for water filters for Haiti through the faith and obedience of Paramount Baptist Church in Amarillo that gave TBM their entire Saturday evening and Sunday Morning offering amounting to $63,000,” Smith said.

Gifts to Texas Baptist Men can be made directly to the group at or by sending a check designated disaster relief to 5351 Catron, Dallas, 75227.

All either have been here or are there now, spiritually speaking of course

January 25, 2010

Rico Tice shared this story this morning during Radical Engage. It’s a beautiful illustration.

One day recently, a family asked to meet Rico for lunch at a rather nice dinner club. He arrives to the club where he discovers he’s a bit early and starts to wait in the atrium of the club. While he waiting, he notices there is another guy standing in the atrium with him, apparently also waiting on his party. The young gentleman and Rico trade glances and at one point the young man may have even gestured for Rico to come over. But Rico continued waiting. About five minutes later, the young man’s party arrived, and he went to eat.

Shortly after, Rico was informed that he spent five minutes in an atrium with Prince William. Rico simply didn’t recognize him.

Spiritually speaking, Rico said many people are in the same place. Christ is placed before them and they do not recognize it. Royalty is before them, but they do not know. At one point, each of us had to recognize Him for the first time.

We have a new address!

January 25, 2010

Is anyone else like me and has problems remembering the web address for this blog? If so, I think Joshua and the web folks have fixed that issue for us. There’s an easier address to remember —

If you’re smarter than me — and plenty of you are — don’t worry, the old web address still works. Continue to use it if you’d like.

Hanging out at Radical Engage today

January 25, 2010

Today, Kaitlin and I are spending some time at Radical Engage in Grapevine, a conference on reaching younger generations. I’ll be over on Twitter sharing some of what’s going on here. If you want to check it out, visit

BCFS shifting Haiti response strategy

January 22, 2010

Krista from BCFS passes this update along:

BCFS has repositioned resources to prepare for recovery – rather than response – efforts in Haiti. While our contract with the state requires that we maintain the ability to ramp-up resources to deploy for federal support within 48 hours, BCFS, like most agencies involved in Haiti relief efforts, is now transitioning to long-term recovery plans.
BCFS’ global division, Children’s Emergency Relief International, has helped children and families around the world rebound after disaster, most notably by establishing the first – and still to date, only – foster care program in Sri Lanka following the 2004 tsunami.
As soon as it is determined that the health and safety of our volunteers will not be compromised by current public health issues on the island, and that our efforts will not become a burden to those we seek to help, CERI will send a multi-faceted recon team to Haiti to identify unsupported orphanages that need help rebuilding and resupplying, and providing medical care to their children.
There will be many opportunities to travel with CERI on a mission trip to help us restore these orphanages to their pre-earthquake status or better, so people should check in with our website often.
If you or someone you know would like to donate to BCFS/CERI’s Haiti relief efforts, gifts can be made online or mailed to:
                                          BCFS/CERI – Emergency Response for Haiti
                                          1506 Bexar Crossing
                                          San Antonio, TX 78232

Happy anniversary!

January 21, 2010

Today is Ellen Battles’ 30th anniversary serving Texas Baptists in the Bible study/discipleship area. For three decades, she has been helping with the Bible Drill competition, helping churches set up Bible Drill programs, encouraging leaders in their ministries and lifting up young people.

Dickie Dunn, Texas Baptists’ discipleship specialist, may have put it best when I asked him to describe Ellen’s spirit of service.

“I can’t think of anyone who has a sweeter spirit or attitude. She cares about everyone in this building and everyone outside this building.”

“She loves Bible drill and the children and youth who participate in that.”

Ellen, thank you for all you have done for thousands of young people across the state. May God continue to bless you and your ministry.