Caring during Christmas


A few days ago, I met Jason Norton, pastor of King’s Trail Cowboy Church in Van Alstyne. Sitting around an open fire, Jason shared with me his concern for people in need this Christmas season and his desire to do something about it.

He has been camping in a tent in the middle of town and fasting since Dec. 1 and will continue doing so through Dec. 25, going without in hopes that others will have food and presents this winter.

It seems to be working. A steady stream of people have become aware of Jason’s efforts and have come by to see him, dropping off clothes and toys. They’ve thanked for him for what he’s doing.

But the items aren’t simply coming in. They’re also going out. More than 40 families have been helped as a result of Jason’s sacrifice. He’s met people for the first time. He’s encouraged people in their faith. He also led one person to the Lord there in the middle of town.

But my words get in the way. Here’s a sermon where Jason shares his heart for his effort. And here’s a brief video of Jason explaining what’s going on.

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