JEHOVAH JIREH- God my Provider


GO NOW MISSIONS STUDENT BLOG by Joshua, an international studies major at Texas Tech University serving on a Christmas trip in the Middle East.

Having been on plenty of short-term mission trips, I have done my share of fundraising.  God has always proven faithful to His promises that He will provide all I need.  I have never lacked money for short-term missions, and in fact, the teams I have been a part of usually raise well over the amount we ask for.

However, this summer as I read the autobiography of George Mueller, I realized that it truly did not take much faith in God to ask other Christians to give prayers and money as they should; that only required me to have faith in my brothers and sisters that they would live, love and give as God’s Word commands!  Mueller took this to heart and decided that he would start an orphanage, which in turn started five other homes housing over 2,000 children!  Throughout all this, George Mueller pledged that he would NEVER even hint that the orphanages needed money but would bring all his needs before God whose bank will never break.  Thus, for over 40 year, Mueller proved the faithfulness of God as God continually and often miraculously provided for the children.  Often, the children would gather for breakfast with no food in the cupboards and no money to speak of, only to have God move an individual to donate food, funds or both at the very last second.

And God is still faithful!

For this mission trip, I have not even hinted that I needed funds although almost $3000 was needed.  I was the typical full-time college student working 30-hour weeks just so that I could make enough money for tuition next semester and bills and such. While in this paycheck-to-paycheck state, I was accepted to go on a mission trip this Christmas break and committed that prayer to God would be my only resort for funding.  And GOD ANSWERED!

The next week I was hired at a job that made literally FIVE TIMES the amount I was making and I was not even looking for another job!!! I cut down a few trees for folks during Thanksgiving and they pay me $1000 for it! My church mission pastor from three and a half years ago received my letter asking for prayer and promptly gets the church to give $1000!

Needless to say with these kinds of stories, God clearly showed that He will provide.  He is just waiting for us to ask. May this true story encourage you as you boldly choose to allow God to bring maximum glory to Himself.

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