What happens in Vegas…


…apparently doesn’t always stay in Vegas.

Everywhere in the news is information on the “transgressions” (the word he uses in his apology) between Tiger Woods and Jaimee Grubbs, a coctail waitress in Las Vegas.

This type of poor decision and action is not new to the sports world but we typically don’t hear about it as much with golfers, actually until Tiger, the general public didn’t hear much of anything about professional golfers.

Tiger was the first professional athlete to reach $1 billion in earnings this year. He’s got an incredible 1. golf game, 2. brand name. I’m not so sure the first will be too effected by the discussions of his personal life. But I do question if the second will be. And honestly, I think that if he continues to win (as expected) it won’t have a lasting effect on his brand.

I’m all for forgiveness and thankful for God’s grace so I’m not implying repentence and forgiveness. What the root is again here, is that we as a society are continually placing performance over personality. Personality not as in someone is friendly or outgoing. But personality as in the aspects of one’s character that impress others; the essential character of a person.

What personality are we as Texas Baptists showing the world?

One Response to “What happens in Vegas…”

  1. Trent Hackney Says:

    The problem with most Baptist churches today and churches in general is they are not preaching old fashion repentance any more. Much less sin or hellfire. Here is an article I just wrote on repentance http://twoedgedsword.org/repentance

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