A little more to be thankful for


CEDAR HILL – Hillcrest Baptist Church gave an apartment complex a reason to be a little more thankful this holiday season.

The congregation’s Jerusalem Ministry Team recently distributed 186 boxes of food in an apartment complex where it has been ministering regularly. Each box included 12 non-perishable food items to help people provide for their families.

Mary Fae Kamm, who leads the church’s local ministry team, said the outreach is another way the church is trying to share the gospel with residents of the complex. Many of them have fallen on hard times, she said. Distributing food allows church members to meet physical and spiritual needs. Each box of food included an evangelistic Texas Hope 2010 multimedia gospel compact disc. The CD includes audio and video gospel presentations as well as a link to the Bible in more than 350 languages.

“When we had kid’s club, I’d have two or three people come down and say ‘I just don’t have any food …,’” she said. “Every day it seemed like we were putting together some boxes.”

Kamm said the congregation is attempting to share the love she believes Christ commands each of His followers to have for others.

“We love them for Jesus,” she said. “And they know that. They call us the church people, even in the office. We have ministered to the staff. When they’ve had crises in their life, they’ll call us up.”

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