A “Rey” of Thanksgiving


For STARRY Foster Parents Mike and Twyla – and their new son Rey – the Thanksgiving holiday is even more meaningful than usual.

Rey came into Foster Care at the fragile age of nine months due to neglect. He was nurtured by loving foster parents for approximately six months before returning to his biological mother.

Six months later, STARRY received a call from Child Protective Services that Rey was once again in need of a foster home. Mike and Twyla had very recently been licensed as foster parents and were anxious to see what God’s plans for them as parents would be.

“As soon as we set our eyes on this beautiful but scared little boy, we knew we had made the right decision,” says Mike. “It’s hard now to even imagine what our life was like before we got him. I have said it many times before, but the word that keeps coming to mind is BLESSED.”

Mike and Twyla knew from the beginning that foster care often means temporary, but they were prepared to love and care for Rey to their fullest ability no matter how long he stayed. After about four months, Rey became available for adoption and Mike and Twyla were thrilled to be considered his forever family.

Twyla remembers, “When Mike and I went into this, we always talked about what we would be able to give a child. We did not realize until we had Rey come into our home what a child brought to us. After just a couple of weeks, we were Mom and Dad. Rey has made us stop or at least slow down and be thankful for the clouds, balloons, roly-polys and the list is never ending.”

Yesterday, Rey was  officially adopted. He’s only 2 and may not understand completely all that is happening, but it is clear that he has a strong bond with Mike and Twyla and they are so thankful to have their little “Rey of Hope” in their lives, forever.

“I am so thankful for the hugs, hearing him laugh, watching him sleep, reading him stories at bedtime and this list really does go on and on,” says Twyla. “I thank God every day for this child and for STARRY.”

By Bill Martin, Children at Heart

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