Wherever you came from, wherever you go, this is the place that we start


“Wherever you came from, wherever you go, this is the place that we start.”
– from “Happy Adoption Day”, by John McCutcheon
Our family of three started six months ago when we adopted Sam. People always tell us something like “Sam is such a lucky/blessed little boy to be with you” or “Wow, you have really changed his life.” My reaction, sometimes spoken and sometimes not, is to recognize God’s blessing in choosing Sam for us and recognizing what a difference he’s made in our lives.
Our five year journey brought us frustrations, disappointments, uncertainty, fear and waiting. But for all of those things just listed, I can call out the gifts of peace, patience, hope, faith and love that He has built in me over this journey. Things that I could never claim to come out of me or my heart without Him.
We love, love, love our Sam. Six months later he is seven pounds heavier, four inches taller, and every bit of a fun-loving, fast-moving, singing and laughing four year old little boy. We soak up every minute when he shares his sweet smile, his squeal of delight, his excitement about every new thing. He also tests our every last nerve, but I hear that’s just part of being a parent.
Sometimes I even forget that he did not grow in me as our biological child. It’s like he’s always been with us. And really, I know he has been, because our Father, knowing we wanted to start a family over five years ago, knew that Sam would be a part of our family at the exact time and place and in the exact circumstances that we came together [Gen. 21:2b].
Our greatest hope is that somewhere, someone who hears our story will feel that nudge from God that propels them toward the adoption He has planned for them. There are so many children in our world that need a home and so many of us that have God-built places for them if we just take some time to recognize that.
If you know you are called to adoption, let me encourage you that our Father will provide every bit of everything (all the excuses you may make and even the things you don’t know you need) that you need to make this journey. We know first hand that adoption is a huge choice, but it brings me to a quote from a blog I love of a family waiting for their child, “I’ve decided that it’s never wrong to choose to love someone.”
We hope and pray you take the steps to find the next love in your family and that it will happen soon.
Kyle, Ashli and Sam Young

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