The difference a meal can make


During yesterday’s Baylor Hunger Summit, Cristina Alvarez shared her story. Growing up, she was where 22 percent of Texas children currently are — on the school free lunch program. The aid of those meals greatly helped her stay healthy.

In Texas, 2.5 million children are on the free lunch program during the school year. But during the summer, 2 million of them are on their own to find their next meals because they are not connected to a summer feeding program. Is your church willing to help these children? Are you willing to help them?

If so, call the Christian Life Commission at 888-244-9400. They’ll help you start a summer feeding program.

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One Response to “The difference a meal can make”

  1. David Troublefield Says:

    The Food Pantry Ministry Team of Lamar Baptist Church-Wichita Falls has served 215 different WF families during the past 20 weeks, and almost 400 since January 1 (each Wednesday morning, 9:00-11:00). Many of those people never have sought such assistance before, ever. Much of the need expressed is related to unemployment and under-employment occurring now in the U.S.

    The congregation and the local food bank partner to keep LBC’s pantry stocked; it’s become quite a challenge to do that lately, but we know that we’d see NONE of the families requesting assistance without this weekly ministry—they have no church they call their own, or they’d request assistance from it. We’re doing follow-up with invitations to Christ and to Sunday morning Bible study (LifeCare Groups, at LBC-WF).

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