Afternoon motions


I apologize for the delay. Here are the motions that were made earlier this afternoon. Report from Teresa Young.

Paul Kenley, pastor and messenger from Grace Fellowship Church of Lampasas, presented a motion on behalf of the Committee on Convention Business, requesting a committee to pursue a study that would determine a format for the convention’s annual meeting “that would enhance interest and participation from a broader spectrum of participating churches.” He further moved that the committee should have no more than 11 members and the schedule be set following a determination of the budget for the group. The committee’s findings would be presented at the 2010 annual meeting in McAllen.

Kyle Henderson, pastor of First Baptist Church in Athens, presented a motion to amend the convention bylaws, specifically dealing with the seating of messengers and any objection to that seating. Henderson suggested an addition to Article 2 stating “Any messenger intending to challenge the seating of a messenger from another church must have contacted the church at least 18 days before the annual meeting.” Another addition would call for any objection findings to be reported to the convention offices.


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