Will your church respond to the coming ‘tsunami’?


In the wake of thinking about the 2,400 imprisoned people who made spiritual decisions this weekend through City Reach — including 1,405 professions of faith, I came across David Valentine, pastor of Covenant Fellowship in Huntsville, during tonight’s Texas Baptist Men rally. He explained that there is a coming ‘tsunami’ that calls for Texas Baptists to respond.

70,000 people will be incarcerated in Texas next year. Another 70,000 people will be released from prison. Assuming each of those people is part of a family of five, that’s 350,000 people who are affected each year by the prison system. Each of those families are in conflict. Each of them are in crisis as they work to deal with missing a family member.

90 percent of these people are non-Christians. And 70 percent of people who come out of jail as non-Christians return to prison within 36 months.

But if they become Christians, only 10 percent of them return to prison. Believers have a chance to have a definitive impact on the lives of people and families across the state. So how do you respond to what David has to see below?

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