Thanks Living


Thanksgiving is fast approaching.  Americans have more to be grateful for than any other nation on the planet and yet somehow gratitude often escapes us. 

This morning I received an email that brought a whole new perspective to Thanksgiving.  Have you seen it?  It has pictures that show the sharp contrast between what we have (and often don’t appreciate) and what the rest of the world deals with every day.  As I scrolled down the images I was convicted of my ingratitude.   We have so much to be thankful for and yet we often think it is not enough. 

How much is enough?  Years ago a friend serving in West Africa told the story of three sisters who came from a poor family.  The girls would take turns coming to church on Sundays because they shared one pair of shoes.  And yet they offered to give their pair of shoes to someone who had none. 

Perhaps this Thanksgiving instead of asking,  “What you are thankful for?” the question could be, “In light of all we have, what are we willing to give to someone who doesn’t have?”  Now that might be an interesting conversation around the Thanksgiving table and it could lead to “thanks living.” 

Be blessed and then bless someone else! 


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