Time alone with God


I don’t think I’d say this I’m like a youth minister in many ways, but I think I have one thing in common with them: I rarely do one thing at a time. Even when I’m writing, I’ll have music in the background, Facebook up, Twitter up and will answer phone calls. Even I don’t understand how I focus on any one thing.

During Texas Baptists’ Youth Ministry Conclave, Francis Chan wondered the same thing about himself. He confessed that even when he’s playing a video game with his young daughter, he’s trying to sneak in an e-mail between games. He never concentrates on one thing at a time. Multitasking is a good skill to have.

Except when it comes to time with God.

When do you ever do anything with all your heart anymore?

Don’t you remember times in your life when you were less hurried and you were alone with God and never wanted it to end?

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