HOA under the bridge


If you live in a subdivision you are most likely a member of your Home Owner’s Association. It may dictate parking, building additions or even the color of your shutters. At least that’s been my experience with HOAs.

While riding with an IMB missionary in the Philippines, Jill Harvell, to distribute food to those hit by the typhoons she said, “By the way, this group of shanties is part of a Home Owner’s Association.” With that intro, we had to stop and talk.

The member families, which totaled about 60 people, all lived under the bridge until the recent flood. Having to rebuild somewhere nearby, they rebuilt on the median of the road they were living under a couple of days prior. Note that I said median, not boulevard. From curb to curb, the median measured 48 inches. The families, all with small children, were inside their homes rebuilt from whatever floated downstream, cooking and lying on cardboard beds.

4020926479_b9544df0a6And yes, they have government documentation as a Home Owner’s Association. The address: Under Carlos P. Garcia Avenue Bridge.

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