Tasha’s story


As Tasha’s family gathered on their roof to escape the rising flood waters, something began to move. That something was their house.tasha

As their house fell apart riding the waves of the flood soon all that was left was the roof with her mother, her father, her sister and her. Perhaps you’ve seen this footage on the Internet. The make-shift roof-raft comes barrelling toward a low bridge with high water.

Amidst the screaming and the failed attempts to through ropes to safety, the raft goes under the bridge.

Emerging from the other side of the bridge and still atop the roof are Tasha, her sister and her father. The mother was hit by a low beam and knocked off the roof-raft.

Stories like this are all over the place here in Metro Manila. But few have turned out this well.

Two days after floating helplessly away from her family, she returns home, well, the spot it was at least, to warm hugs with only minor injuries.

Tasha is pictured here with TBM volunteer Harold Patterson during some food distribution ministries outside Manila. “This is why we’re here. She is why I came,” said Patterson.

During this one food distribution stop, seven people came to accept Christ as their savior. Incidentaly, this was the first disaster relief assistance in this area since the typhoon hit 16 days prior.

Each bag of food can feed a family of four for three days.bag of food

Please be in prayer for the people of the Philippines as they have only begun to experience the clean up ahead.

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