Love Compels – TBM in Philippines day 1


I love my wife. I love my son. That love compels me to spend time with and do things for each and both. Nothing reminds me of the gift of time than 26 hours of flying away from home for 10 days.

Love also compels me and 9 other Texas Baptist Men to take that 26-hour travel day to help people half a world away. We came in knowing two things: there’s a need and God loves these people.

God’s love compels His Spirit to be with us. If we love God, we must love what He loves. This love for God and from God compels us, as Christians, to be the Hope of Christ among the suffering.

I’ll be posting on work that several groups are doing through Baptist Global Response. The groups attending are Texas Baptists Men, Southern Baptists of Texas Convention, Oklahoma Baptist Men and Kentucky Baptist Men.

We are all working together to share Christ through helping people clean up and rebuild after two typhoons, mudslides and almost countless earthquakes. The goal of this group is to win people to Christ, not just clean up their houses.

Support TBM’s efforts financially.

streets after initial home clean out
streets after initial home clean out

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