water blogAt this point in the life of this blog, hundreds of posts have appeared in this place. I hope some of them have warmed your heart, some have challenged your thinking and some simply have been informative about the Texas Baptist ministries.

But I’m struggling to remember one that was harder to write than the one I’m attempting now. For several members of our team, this is our last night in Peru. We are excited to return home, enthusiastic about seeing our families once again.

However, we’ve seen so many needs in this country that can be filled through the ministry of Villa Milagro if it only had the resources to do so. Orphans are in need. Children are wanting help. Schools are seeking clean water. Entire cities are thirsting for clean drinking water and enough food to feed their residents. Medical needs are consistent throughout rural areas.

In the last several days, Rex and I have tried to share some of these stories with you via video and words. We hope they have touched your heart like the people in them have touched ours.

Tonight, let me leave you with one last story of hope made possible by gifts through the Texas Baptist Offering for World Hunger.

Earlier today, Texas Baptists Advocacy/Care Center Director Suzii Paynter and Texas Baptist World Hunger Offering Specialist Joyce Gilbreath threw the switch that uncorked a new well at a small electricity-less school near Chiclayo. With that simple action, fresh, clean water spewed from a pipe. (click here to see photos from throughout the trip, including today)

With God’s provision, soon a pump will be placed on the well that will send clean water throughout the school and the community. The students and residents will grow stronger, healthier. The sandy terrain will turn green with lush vegetation that provides a bounty for all to eat.

Villa Milagro follow-up teams will meet additional needs in the school. And each time they do, they will share their faith with the students and faculty when the Lord prompts them to do so. People will come to know Him for the first time.  

The land will be transformed in every way.

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