The future of Peru is better in part because of Texas Baptists


DSC_0068Today we visited several schools near Chiclayo where gifts through the Texas Baptist Offering for World Hunger helped Villa Milagro drill water wells. At each place, the school directors thanked Texas Baptists for their generosity and Villa Milagro for its work.

In at least one of the schools, the well helped the institution have functioning bathrooms, places where children could wash their hands and any source of clean drinkable water. One teacher pulled me into her classroom and explained how her students were healthier, stronger and more attentive in class since a well was installed in her school. The children were growing into their full potential.

The future is growing brighter for these students, and, in turn, for Peru.

Take 14-year-old Thalia. I met her and some teenage boys working in a school’s field. The farming made possible by the well gives students a place to learn how to farm, and the vegetables they produce provide food for the students.

While the boys remained quiet around the camera-carrying stranger who barely spoke their language, Thalia stepped forward. She didn’t speak much English, but didn’t seem to mind the language barrier. In fact, she seemed excited to challenge it, and her enthusiasm overcame it.

She spoke about the vegetables the students were raising. Then she showed me her classroom, encouraging me to examine it closely. She became more excited as she gave me a tour of where the students care for animals that also provide food for the school.

Here in this school, Thalia was learning practical and educational skills that will help her in the future. The clean drinking water provided a place where she could grow in strength and in knowledge. There she could learn. There she could dream. Any dream she’d like.

It’s places like those where anything is possible. I asked Thalia what she wanted to be when she was older. She told me she wanted to be a doctor.

A place like her school can help that dream take another step toward reality. It’s places like that school, that make Peru’s future bright.

And Texas Baptists had a small part in it. Wouldn’t you like to be part of making a difference like that? If so, consider giving to the hunger offering.

P.S. This morning I uploaded some new photos from yesterday. If you want to browse the entire set, click here. If you want to see all of them in a slideshow (the way I like to see them), click here.

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