Last night at dinner, our team was introduced to Lucy, the Johnsons’ adopted Peruvian daughter. The Johnsons are the founders and directors of Villa Milagro, whose well drilling efforts are supported through the Texas Baptist Offering for World Hunger.

Lucy spent part of her life in the Cajamarca orphanage we talked about earlier this week. There, she encoutered the Johnsons, who became particularly attached to her. Lucy has grown up, completed her university studies that empowered her to be a nurse and is now putting those skills to use in a unique way.

She is working in a 14-person medical clinic in one of the roughest parts of Chiclayo, Peru. It is filled with drug dealers, addicts and bandits. The team of Latin Americans goes into the community to do ministry that addresses people’s spiritual and physical needs. While they provide medical attention, they also provide spiritual counseling. The clinic’s training curriculum is part medical school, part seminary.

Working in one of the roughest parts of the city has its drawbacks, however. Recently, Lucy was robbed. The clinic also has been held up by armed men. There have been numerous other incidents.

But Lucy said this is the price for doing the ministry they do. They understand the risks, but continue serving. They believe they are called to do such work. And they are watching God use them to share the gospel that changes lives.

This morning, I ask that you pray for Lucy and her colleagues. Their bravery is amazing; their willingness to act upon God’s calling, oustanding. Their work is tough, challenging, but God-filled. Pray for their safety and strength. Pray for the work. Pray for God’s spirit to move through the community.

Where God’s love is shown, His love will be known.

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