Two holes in her heart


DSC_0452Yesterday, I mentioned that for Villa Milagro, well digging efforts that are partially supported by gifts through the Texas Baptist Offering for Offering for World Hunger provide a starting point for ministry and the sharing of the hope of Christ.

But it’s just that – a starting point.

This afternoon we met a teenage girl whose life has been impacted by the ministry of Villa Milagro.

Because the folks of this ministry dug a well in an area, the community was open to Villa Milagro meeting other needs, which is what the ministry sought to do when a medical mission team came to Martara several years ago.

Despite heavy rain and the threat of rising waters that could prevent them from returning to where they were staying, the team committed to seeing every person who came to the clinic. And God honored that commitment.

The last person the volunteers saw was an 11-year-old young lady who said she was easily fatigued and having trouble keeping up with the other children. Upon further examination, volunteers discovered Treici had a strange heartbeat.

Because God’s people reached out financially, Villa Milagro helped the young girl get additional medical attention. It turns out she had a hole in her heart, in one of her valves specifically. Because many parties donated their work, Villa Milagro was able to pay for the young lady the surgery she needed.

When she got it, she said she was happy, because now she could have the stamina to arrive at school on time with her friends.

Today, we learned the rest of the story.

Last year, she realized she had another hole in her heart – one that could only be filled with Jesus. She walks an hour each way to school. She also walks an hour to church each week. In the last year, she gave her heart – the same heart that was repaired with the help of God’s people – to God Himself.

Treici’s being disciple by a local Baptist church. She’s growing in her faith each day. Please pray for her. For her heart to stay strong physically and spiritually.

Where His love is shown, His love is known.

P.S. I uploaded some more photos to Flickr tonight. To view all of them as a slide show, click here.

One Response to “Two holes in her heart”

  1. wackypreacher Says:

    Awesome story, will have to share it at Wednesday Prayer meeting. Thank you for bringing such heartwarming stories to motivate and encourage us to serve faithfully.

    Bob Cheatheam

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