Hope internationally


For the past year, we’ve shown described a multitude of ways gifts through the Texas Baptist Offering for World Hunger helps Texans have something to say grace over. This week, we hope to give you a glimpse into one of the many, many ways gifts through the offering impact people around the globe.

For the next several days, we’re spending time with some of the folks at Villa Milago, a Peru ministry run by Larry and Joy Johnson of San Angelo that is supported by the hunger offering.

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2 Responses to “Hope internationally”

  1. Friends of the poor international Says:

    Dear sir/Madam,
    We are friends of the poor international a charitable organisation catering for the very poor in our midst and will be glad to recieve your assistance in kind viz;Bags of parboiled rice and clothing,shoes and sandals.
    We will distribute to the needy and report details of our activities to you.
    We have been working since 1993 and are pleased to learn of your interest in helping the poor worldwide.
    If you want to know mpre of us and our works of charity to the very poor you are free to verify us or ask us for more information about us.
    C E E.Ezeobi
    Executive Director

  2. Friends of the poor international Says:

    Thanks for the good work you are doing to assist the poor globally.

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