A well of a difference


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Villa Milagro is a multi-faceted ministry that stretches across Peru. It seeks to meet human needs in an effort to open avenues through  which the gospel can be shared with people looking for hope for today and eternity.

Yesterday, our team landed in Cajamarca, Peru, the base for Villa Milagro, and went to a government-run orphanage in town. Shortly after arriving at the orphanage, we were greeted by 52 smiling and energetic children. They ran circles around us, played basketball and clamored for candy, bandanas and balloon animals that team members brought to the orphanage or made there.

The young people were healthy and strong, vibrant and vivacious.

But that wasn’t always the case.

Children used to miss breakfast each day. They’d eat a bit of soup for lunch. And a little food for dinner. They would get to eat a small amount of meat twice a week. They were drinking contaminated water, which was continually keeping them ill.

Then people with Villa Milagro came to help. They drilled a water well — Villa Milagro’s water well drilling is partially supported by the Texas Baptist Offering for World Hunger — on the orphanage’s campus, which provided clean water for all the children.

bobby blogWith that taken care of, the orphanage began working with Villa Milagro to see if other needs could be met. Through God’s provision, the ministry supplemented the children’s meals, giving them breakfast, rounding out the others, giving the orphans a source of milk for the first time. Children began growing stronger and healthier.

But physical nutrition isn’t all the children needed. Villa Milagro brought in volunteer teams from the United States who showed the orphans that other people indeed cared about them. They provided balls and toys for the young people. Each year, they repaint the orphanage’s buildings.

As volunteers visit, they share about the love of Christ. A pair of orphanage house mothers have come to know Christ. Some of the children are going to a local Baptist church.

There are still many needs in the orphanage. The miner dorms where the children live need to be repaired. Each of the children need to feel the continuous love of someone who cares for them on a long-term basis. When children turn 18, they are given a blanket and escorted out of the gate to fend for themselves.

While respecting the goverment, Villa Milagro is doing everything it can to shower these children with the love of Christ. But they need additional help. Each of us can provide that help. How will you? Click the links above to learn more about Villa Milagro and the Texas Baptist Offering for World Hunger.

Where His love is shown, His love is known.

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2 Responses to “A well of a difference”

  1. Ferrell Says:

    Thanks for this report, John. It makes me want to give even more to the offering. Wow!

  2. Lucy « We Are Texas Baptists Says:

    […] spent part of her life in the Cajamarca orphanage we talked about earlier this week. There, she encoutered the Johnsons, who became particularly attached to her. Lucy has grown up, […]

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