Partnerships work both ways


When I think about BGCT’s partnership efforts, I typically think of Texas Baptists doing mission work in a particular country or region. Texas Baptists are seeking to help people share the gospel in New England and Venezuela, among other places. As a result of these efforts, people are coming to know Christ and seeing their lives changed.

But partnerships are two-way streets. Texas Baptists are trying to share the hope of Christ with more than 11 million people in the state who have no connection to any church.

And our partners in Venezuela, the Venezuelan Baptist Convention, are helping Texas Baptists share the gospel here. Kaitlin recently wrote a great story about Patrick Weller, a missionary from Venezuela who is serving with the Laredo Baptist Association. Among other things that Weller said, he indicated his Venezuelan background is helping him share the gospel with Texans.

“Because I’m from another country, especially another country where people know about our president and the petroleum, God used that to open doors to meet people, to share,” Weller said. “I love opportunities to speak with different people.”

If you’re curious about mission opportunities through BGCT partnerships, please contact Steve Seaberry at 888-244-9400 or He’ll be glad to help however he can.

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