Hispanic Youth Challenged to Care

Leaders of a Hispanic Youth Camp - Summer 2009

Leaders of a Hispanic Youth Camp - Summer 2009

On September 11-13, 150 youth from Hispanic Baptist churches in East Texas  attended camp at Pineywoods Baptist Encampment in Woodlake.  The theme for the camp was “Original Masterpiece”.  Rev. Daniel “Tiny” Dominguez, pastor of Community Heights Baptist Church in Lubbock, was the keynote speaker and seminar leader.

In his seminar, Bro. Domínguez concentrated on the need for youth and their churches to feed the hungry.  Since the hungry have different faces depending on where you live, attendees were asked to identify 2 kinds of people in their communities that face dire circumstances or live below poverty level.  Youth were then challenged to think of practical ways, they as individuals, and their churches, can make a difference in their neighborhoods by meeting one need at a time.  Food and clothing drives were among the most popular ideas mentioned.      

Undoubtedly, Texas Hope 2010 became the underlying emphasis of the camp.  Through powerful worship services and relevant preaching, the lives of many youth were changed.  There were 15 professions of faith, and 60 young people renewed their commitment to Christ. 

This was the last of 4 youth camps the Office of Hispanic Ministries helped support this summer.  In total, there were almost 900 attendees, more than 60 professions of faith, about 150 rededications and 30 calls to ministry.  The fields are truly ripe for harvest!

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2 Responses to “Hispanic Youth Challenged to Care”

  1. Hispanic Youth Speaker Says:

    It’s awesome to see so many youth come to know the Lord every year. There is nothing like having youth spend a week away from their normal life and focus on God has for their lives.

  2. Ricardo Garcia Youth Speaker Says:

    I agree with you Fabian, I am a firm believer that certain moments in our life can change our life forever. I’m reminded of what Puss in Boots said, “Little did I know one single moment would change my entire life”.

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