God’s fingerprints at UT-Tyler


As UT-Tyler students prayer walked the campus during their leadership retreat the week before school started, they met three Indian students, Richy, Pavan, and Chandu.  Pavan and Chandu had only been in the country for one week when they met them. 

Joseph Osteen, BSM directer at UT-Tyler recalls, “We met them at the deck between the two lakes on our campus.  Because it was the location we had designated as the meeting place at the end of our prayer walk, the entire leadership team was there.  So, we basically divided up and got to have spiritual conversations with all three of them.  With Richy, talking about Indian culture led to the religious make up of India which led to a brief explanation of Christian beliefs and the concept of choosing Jesus, not just being born a Christian because the family is Christian.  With Pavan, a leadership student’s goal of being a minister led to talking about Jesus.  With Chandu, students explained what BSM is about which led to a spiritual conversation.  It was a great experience.  We have gotten to talk with them a couple of other times and they are planning on attending an international get together at the BSM in the future.”

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