That makes evangelism easier, and tasty!


applepieblogIn the office, we’ve been talking about this story for a few weeks. And each time it’s driven me to cravings. As part of Texas Hope 2010, First Baptist Church in Shallowater is delivering an apple pie to all 700 homes in town. When they present the apple pie to a family, they also ask about any prayer needs and give the family a gospel CD produced by the church.

It struck me that this is a congregation that gets it. Most church members are nervous about doing door-to-door evangelism. And they think most people won’t open their doors when strangers knock on them.

An apple pie breaks down those barriers:

“It’s amazing how a warm, homemade apple pie can put people at ease on both sides of the visit,” said Steve Nieman, a member of the church and coordinator for the apple pie outreach program. “It makes it harder for people to turn us away, and it makes the people in our church more at ease when they have an apple pie in their hands to offer to someone.”

If someone knocks on my door with a free apple pie, I’m opening the door. What do you think of FBC Shallowater’s approach? What other items might help people overcome their evangelism fears?

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2 Responses to “That makes evangelism easier, and tasty!”

  1. Kim Shimer Says:

    A great tool for those who are uncomfortable sharing their faith is a new book by Jeff Johnson called “Got Style? Personality-Based Evangelism.” Jeff helps you figure out your personality type and then gives you suggestions on how you can witness to others in a way that makes sense and is effective for you.

  2. John Says:

    Food must be the cool way to do evangelism. The Texas Tech BSM is using steaks:

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