In Texas, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Austin get most of the attention. And rightfully so. sabinalblogMost of the people in the state live in these major metropolitan areas.

But to me, that’s not where you find the fabled heart of Texas.

The spirit of Texas is found in the hearts of the people living in small towns across this state. There we find the pioneering spirit. There we find the willingness to help one another. There we find the friendliness that is legendary here.

That essence was on full display recently in Sabinal, where the town’s seven churches came together to host an event in the park meant to share the gospel with the community. It embodied the Texas Hope 2010 initiative.  

Hundreds of people from the 1,500-person city turned out for the event that featured quilting demonstrations, children’s games, worship and a guest speaker who shared his testimony.

People were introduced to the One who gives hope for today and for eternity. Smiles sprawled across faces; hugs were scattered about. People cared about each other and for each other. It was a little slice of heaven in the lone star state.

I shouldn’t be a surprise. After all, it’s a local call from any small Texas town to heaven.

For a slideshow of shots from the park, click here.

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One Response to “Texas”

  1. Les Puryear Says:

    Thanks for sharing these pics. I pastored FBC Sabinal ten years ago. Sabinal is a great place to live.


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