God at Work


It was Friday afternoon at the Cambodian Fellowship meeting in Houston. The women were gathered for tranining and the topic was prayer and giving. A woman came in late and had to sit on the front row which is always uncomfortable at a Baptist gathering. At the end of the afternoon session we learned more of her story.

She was Japanese and had been driving down the road by the church, saw cars in the parking lot, and came in to investigate. When she learned the women were being taught she joined the group. She said to the teacher who taught on prayer, “My church prays but I don’t know how to pray in my heart. What you said helps me know how to pray in my heart.”

We learned from her experience that God is working whether we see it or not. He knows what He wants to accomplish in our lives. He wanted this Japanese woman to learn to pray “in her heart” so He brought her to a Cambodian church to learn. What an awesome God!

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