250,000 gospel CDs land in El Paso


elpaso1Texas Baptists have always been about attempting large things for the Lord, things we aren’t capable of doing on our own. Things that require God’s help for us to accomplish them. Texas Hope 2010 is latest in those series of things.

Through Texas Hope 2010, Texas Baptists have set their sights on putting Scripture in every Texas home. On Monday, we saw the first physical evidence of this dream of Scripture distribution coming true when more than 250,000 multimedia gospel CDs landed in El Paso. That’s one for every household in the county. And it’s the starting place for the Scripture distribution. Why start there? Here’s what Randel says:

“El Paso was an obvious place to for us to launch the Scripture distribution phase of Texas Hope 2010 because of the great opportunities and the great need. We have wonderful churches in El Paso and a mixed community ethnically, large student and military populations and strategic location adjoining Juarez, a city where there has been significant recent violence. We are praying that God will use this gospel tool to transform lives and entire communities.”

In the weeks and months ahead, Texas Baptists will be busy getting God’s word into homes across the state. There will be a lot of activity. There will a lot of conversations. There will be a lot of evangelistic efforts.

And hopefully all of it will be filled with God. I encourage you to pray for the evangelistic efforts of Texas Baptists each day as we as the BGCT staff do as well. Texas Baptists want to see this state grow closer to Christ. We want to be God’s hands and feet in that effort. Please join with me in praying that we as Texas Baptists can do that.

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