Someone knows your name


DSC_0251“Hi Corey. What flavor sno-cone would you like today?”

Corey looked at the girl behind the counter and tilted his head.

“You know my name?” he said.

“Yes,” the young teenager said. “I remember you came to church here last year.”

“You remember me?” Corey asked.

“Of course I do.”

“Grape,” he said, as a contagious smile filled his face and he walked away to tell his buddy that the sno-cone lady knew who he was.

As adults, we take for granted that people know who we are. When we wake up, we have our family. When we go to work, we have our coworkers. When we go out, we have our friends. We forget how special it is that people know our name.

Corey reminded me of this. His spirit was lifted when he discovered that someone knew his name. That someone remembered who he was.  Just imagine how Corey will feel when one day he truly understands that someone even greater than that teenage girl knows his name.

It’s easy to forget how awesome it feels that the King of the world knows us by name and he loves us. Like Corey, we should want to tell our buddies about the hope we’ve been restored with because of who we know as our personal Savior and friend.

Sometimes it’s the simplicity in life that reminds us of the complexity of Him.

I was privelaged to have been reminded of this when I went to City Church in Amarillo yesterday and observed the volunteers and children at the church’s summer feeding program. The congregation is doing all it can to share Christ with kids by caring for them so the door opens for telling the kids about Jesus’ love. City Church delivers 2,500 meals to children five days a week and provides weeks of Bible lessons and activities to bring hope to children across the city.

What hope we have that Christ loves us and knows us by name!

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