Tony, Jessica and you


If you’re a Dallas Cowboys fan, you know any time they have lost in the past couple of years has been one person’s fault. It’s not Tony Romo. Or T.O. Or even Jerry Jones. It’s Jessica Simpson, who had been dating Romo. When she showed up at a game, the team seemingly always lost. I say had been dating because Dallas media is reporting today that the relationship is over.

So what does that have to do with you? More importantly, what does that have to do with spirituality? BGCT Theologian-in-Residence Jim Denison has some thoughts on it and shares them here. Interesting reading. I don’t think his essay gets the Cowboys any closer to the Super Bowl, but maybe it will help you grow a little closer to God this morning.

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One Response to “Tony, Jessica and you”

  1. bobbygee Says:

    I am a dallas cowboy hater. I am an Eagles Fan. A Philly kid. Go Eagles Bobby Gee

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